I feel the same way!!

it would just be so nice like YES MY CHARACTERS ARE COOL ENOUGH NOW

Is that Number1?

indeed it is

We tried to drink tonight too but nothing is sitting right in my stomach.

Aww. :c

Just using it as an example to not hate something as a whole because it (or they) get one thing wrong but do well in other areas. :P

I am the queen of liking things with problematic aspects believe me

Just something to remember. No one is perfect.

… ‘kay

But they use horses in some of the girl scouts sections and send them to slaughter when they are done with them Sometimes these horses still have years and years of life and use left in them. But they send them to a inhumane and horrible fate.

Which is shitty, admittedly. I haven’t looked into it. But it really doesn’t cancel out the strides they’re making in so many other things, as I see it.

I know you are talking about whisper

it was indeed Whisper, the clever little shit

So you missed us talking about hentie…

Hentai? I sure hope I did good god

Lol what

they mad and uncreative

I dunno, i felt like there was a lot of times where you could have said something and didn’t. I felt like an ass the whole night cause I wasn’t being quiet like usual.

Well, those are the reasons I chose not to, so.